40th Anniversary


Sterling Dimensions:  (14.7 Long X  5.7" Wide X  3.8" Tall)
weight: 1900 LBs,  weight distribution: F&R 43/57

Sterling Body/Chassis Kit Pricing

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We crate and pack kit car bodies, chassis & parts.
for world wide shipping.

Sterling Dimensions (174" Long X 67.5" Wide X 42.5' Tall) weight 1900lbs, distribution F&R 45/55

(( Rebuild your car from all new modern parts. ))

Perfect match of style and performance.

The Sterling kit car still has stood the test of time with its classic shape but now with modern style and engineering its art on wheels. The orignonal bodies are up to .5" inches think with a double wall structure built into the body during molding. There are now 25 new customizable features we sell to make your Sterling super car new again.

Some Assembly Required

B03 Summer 2011
The Sterling kit car has been around for 40 years. It still looks modern its a kit developed to be built in your own garage with basic tools. What makes this kit car unique is that you can build it your way. The frame and suspension of the oritignal cars is based of a classic VW beetle.
The chassis plans we now sell is to help you add a full rolling chassis with suspension to fit under the beautifully sculpted composite body of the clasic Sterling. There is a vast array of suspension, interior, and trim partswe sell to help you rebuild your kit. The major parts including the engine, transaxle, and fuel tank are available from a number of select parts suppliers at a very economical price its all up you your choice. 

Here’s a list of what parts we sell to fit the origninal Sterling body and NOVA bodies from the UK, Austrailia, South Africa, and South America.

o Two hood options
o Nose under section panel, and RH, LH lower RX style side panels.
o Rear window tunnel with DOT glass window
o Rear molded lower panel, engine cover panel
o Assembly Manual: detailing assembly of kit and additional parts sourcing
o 18 circuit wiring harness is divided and bagged into a sub wire all electrical hardware.
Interior Accessories: interior including, sport seats, rear bulkhead window tunnel, dash assembly and:
Complete Dashoptions with pod, and center console
o Sport Seats, and hardware,
o Adjustable seat tracks with hardware
o Glass windshield - DOT safety glass, with top tint and black boarder.
o Rear interior window - DOT safety glass, cockpit rubber gaskets, weather strip
o Side windows, glass DOT power windows
o Side window hardware and rubber trim
o Top canopy rubber gasket kit
o Windshield wiper assembly parts, motor included, reservoir, wiper arms, blades, linkage, tubing, wiper switch fasteners and brackets.

Major Components/Parts needed to compete the restoration of your Sterling also may include
Engine, computer, and exhaust manifolds, Subaru 1989- to present, see build manual
Radiator w/fans and plastic shroud, radiator hoses, and clamps,
For Subaru transaxle use block off plate adapter and new high performance CV joints

Wiring harness w/engine, throttle control, & ignition sections, so it can be simplified.
Wheels and tire recommended size: 17" 225/45R17 or  17" 275/40R17
Gauge kit, steering column, Idid-it brand or Flaming River Brand steering columns,
Metal brake lines, gas tank, filler cap

Tail lights, head lights, and side view mirrors
Seat belts, shifter, steering wheel
Aluminum sheet 6061 series with 1/8" long rivets, and 3/16"long rivets: Aluminum sheet for engine shrouds, interior cockpit, foot well box, block-off plates, patch covers, and engine bay aluminum paneling.
Interior fabric and carpet, paint
It never ends, you can alway s add more features.

Sterling RX Specifications

Dry weight structure 1890 lbs.
Wt. Dist (F/R) 45/55 (%)
Wheelbase 96.5"
Overall length 174"
Track (F/R) 61.5"
Overall height 42.5"
Overall width 67.5"
Ground clearance 4.5"
Layout mid engine RWD
Frame tubular steel space frame w/alum chassis panels
Roll cage, 6 point w/integrated side impact beams.


Configuration options, Buick V6, Ford v6, VW,
Subaru Boxter option 2.0/2.5L, Electric motors, and more


VW transaxles, Porsche, Transaxle Subaru 5-speed or aftermarket, Ford Cobar rear Suspension

Subaru up to 500HP